Hello, i’m Kate, the creator of NOT A TOURIST.  Thanks for visiting!

Born in Melbourne, Australia, I had never travelled overseas until I was 21.  First stop was NYC: a mind blowing experience that inspired future trips in the US, Canada, ASIA, Europe and parts of Australia.  I believe the best way to learn from other cultures is by visiting and interacting with them and realising we are usually more similar than our differences.

I created NOT A TOURIST as I continued to travel in my 30’s. Some of the best times occurred when I made up my own mind on choosing activities and deciding when to take time out. I loved wandering through cities and spending endless hours stumbling upon neighborhoods, coffee shops and incredible sights.

Fun facts:

Coffee lover and a HSP 😊

This blog includes:

  • Alternative travel tips for Australia.  A go to place for Australian travel secrets, written by a local.  Think budgeting, organisation and off the grid advice and tricks.
  • Real experiences from real people.
  • Inspiration to consciously create your own travel experiences.

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to get in touch or add a comment with your thoughts 🙂