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What To Expect On An AmazingCo Mystery Picnic In Melbourne

My boyfriend and I did the AmazingCo Mystery Picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne on Anzac day 2021.

If you’re searching for something fun and different to do, the AmazingCo Mystery Picnic experience is highly recommended, ideal for a date (maybe 3rd date or after!) or a small group.

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The self-guided food tour sends cryptic clues to your phone, leading you to collect your picnic ingredients (with the option of revealing the answer whenever you prefer!).

There are no additional costs on the day, as everything is covered in the online booking.

Every AmazingCo Mystery Picnic is designed and influenced by each area, and local businesses provide selections distinctive to their produce.

Once you’ve visited the local producers, you will be guided to a lovely, secret picnic spot to enjoy your picnic spread!

This is what to expect on your AmazingCo Picnic in 2021!

The Day Before

We received our first clue the day before the event, straight to my phone.

In retrospect, we would’ve solved the first clue beforehand (which is what the company suggest).

We were on the city side of the botanic gardens and once we realised our first destination was on Toorak road (the opposite side), we took an Uber to our destination.

Not a big deal but had we known, we would’ve taken public transport to the first destination ahead of time.

The Day

AmazingCo Mystery Picnic
Heading off to solve our first clue.

The cryptic clues were harder than we expected, in a good way! My boyfriend was hilariously suggesting places nowhere near us, and I proudly solved the first clue… taking us to…

The Destinations

Urban Providore
231 Toorak Road, Melbourne

Urban Providore is a small café style eatery, focused on providing local food and produce.

The staff were very familiar with AmazingCo, and were expecting us. We picked up a roasted vegetable salad and were on our way to our next clue.

AmazingCo Mystery Picnic, Urban Providore.
Credit: theurbanlist.com

La Parisienne Pates
15/17 Toorak Road, Melbourne

La Parisienne Pates was the highlight of our food collection stops! They have very friendly staff and possess a high quality level of produce.

We collected our French Charcuterie box, full of cheeses, pates’, crackers and nibbles and continued along our way.

The cheese selection was particularly DELICIOUS!

AmazingCo Mystery Picnic, La Parisienne Pates.
Credit: toorakroadsouthyarra.com.au

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Melbourne Wine Store
3/401 St Kilda road, Melbourne

After a stop in Fawkner Park to enjoy the sun, we set off to St Kilda road to the Melbourne Wine Store for a drink of our choice.

We chose to sit in the small but inviting ‘brewery style’ bar as part of the Melbourne Wine Store, and enjoy a cider and beer before setting off to our next destination.

AmazingCo Mystery Picnic, Melbourne Wine Store.
Credit: broadsheet.com.au
AmazingCo Mystery Picnic, Fawkner Park.
Fawkner Park, Melbourne.

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Baker D Chirico
183 Domain Road South Yarra

Baker D Chirico is a small, high end bakery, where we picked up our last item for the AmazingCo Mystery Picnic: a fresh baguette, and headed into the Botanical Gardens.

AmazingCo Mystery Picnic, Baker D Chirico.
Credit: onthegrid.city

Shrine of Remembrance
Birdwood Ave, Melbourne

Being a Melbournian, I had already visited The Shrine in the past. Given it was Anzac day, we were aware of the potential crowds and decided to skip The Shrine and head to our final destination for our picnic.

The Royal Botanic Gardens
Birdwood Ave, Melbourne

If you haven’t visited the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, add it to your list, as this oasis in the middle of Melbourne is one of the best picnic ideas for group picnics and couple picnics.

Before choosing a secluded spot to enjoy our delicious spread, we wandered through the gardens and ventured into the Tropical Glasshouse to visit the exotic plants collection.

AmazingCo Mystery Picnic, Royal Botanic Gardens.

There were also historic and foodie facts provided along AmazingCo Mystery Picnic towards each destination, which would particularly benefit someone from out of town.

For further information and to book online see here.

AmazingCo Mystery Picnic


Mystery Picnic done!

The AmazingCo Mystery Picnic in Melbourne is definitely an experience I would recommend, to locals as well as travellers and day trippers in Melbourne.

The company are increasingly adding destinations and packages for a variety of group numbers, ages and tastes.

I’d love to hear below, whether you have been on one of the Mystery Picnics, and how you would rate your experience!

* I am an affiliate for AmazingCo but I would not be writing this post if I did not have a positive experience on this picnic!


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