We all want our own memorable experiences when travelling, and not move along like a herd of sheep head first into tourist traps, am I right? 

But when visiting popular destinations, it’s easy to fall in the trap of seeing the iconic sights, ticking off the checklist, and falling into an exhausted pile of sweaty overwhelm at the end of the day.

What is a tourist trap? My tourist trap definition is any travel attraction that is overcrowded, overrated or both, that you feel you should visit only because it’s on a ‘must see list’, not because you are truly interested in seeing the attraction.

Here are some tips on enjoying your holiday by consciously going forth into each day.

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Rest When You Need

Resist the feeling of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and know that you’ll get more out of your trip if you take some downtime when needed, to conserve your energy for the best activities.  Review your must-see list – read reviews and question if you MUST-SEE everything. 

Walk Instead Of Driving

Walking sometimes means you come across hidden treasures like stores, breathtaking alleyways or local markets you might have missed by taking another form of transport to your destination.

What is a tourist trap? An overrated travel destination or experience.

Trust Your Insticts

If you really don’t want to visit a gallery/church/temple and your fellow crew are pumped, speak up and opt to stay at your accom or anything else you prefer.

What is a tourist trap? An overrated travel destination or experience.

Engage With Locals

Trying your best to speak the language (within reason!) or be interested and friendly to locals will pay off immensely. You’ll feel much more connected to the place you’re visiting and who knows, they may suggest something incredible to add to your itinerary, or invite you for a meal!

Try New Foods And Drinks

Be brave! Devouring monkey brains or snails may not be your thing, but branching out on the menu may introduce you to a new dish which will always remind you of your travel days.

For example, even if you’re on an all inclusive vacation package in Barcelona, try Paella day on Sundays!

For more on Barcelona, check out this post.

Be Spontaneous

While it’s good to plan ahead, stay within your budget and research the stuff you really want to experience, it’s also good to not book everything in advance. This leaves you open to easily change plans around new opportunities.  You’ll feel much more like an explorer and will embrace the real feel of travelling

Download The Correct Maps

Download free apps on your phone while on wifi, like maps.me and googlemaps which are able to be utilised offline.

If you get lost, you won’t spend an age trying to locate a taxi or someone who speaks the same language to find your way back to your accom.  Also a good safety tip!

There you have it- a few tips to inspire a personal experience on your next holiday.  What is your tourist trap definition, and what have you done when travelling to avoid tourist traps?

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