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How to increase your Pinterest page views in one month? I have included my story below and tips I have used to increase my Pinterest monthly views.

*Update June 2020 I have reached my goal of 500K monthly viewers!

I’m pretty new to blogging. I began my alternative travel blog mid 2019 and the last six months have been a major learning curve, particularly with the marketing aspect of promoting the blog, and understanding the finer details of attracting blog traffic.

Progress was initially slow.  I decided on a niche, set up website hosting, Twitter and Pinterest accounts and uploaded posts as I wrote them each week. Any blogger would relate to this! I laugh when I think of my initial limited view of blogging from the outside (write and publish posts, easy right??).

Pin for later 🙂

How to increase Pinterest views by 800% in one month!

Pinterest was (and is) the best marketing platform I have come across for blogging and website traffic. As I began pinning, I saw my blog traffic increase. I practiced with image designs, pin descriptions and kept hearing that all the successful bloggers use Pinterest as a business tool.

As a new travel blogger, and only discovering the marketing benefits and audience reach of Pinterest in 2019, I quickly realised that having a full time job and busy social life equals limited time for the consistent pinning required to boost your traffic.

Enter: Tailwind!

Tailwind has massively assisted with Pinterest marketing this far, by rapidly growing traffic to my blog while saving time and energy.

I’d read numerous posts on Tailwind, and begain on the free trial in mid 2019 and after the first week my pin views increased by 2000%. I was excited to see the increase and upgraded to the BASIC membership to pin as many times as I like.

Although my pin views increased from approx. 1000 per month to approx. 5000, I knew I still needed more. 

Welcome, Tailwind Tribes!

Group boards were handy but to really connect with people, I tried Tailwind Tribes.

Well. By joining and using Tailwind Tribes, in addition to further boosting traffic, I have also gained access to a community of bloggers, some asking for writing contributors and a whole lot more.

*Update April 2020: Backlinks.

Tailwind Tribes has continued to be beneficial for connecting to the travel community. One of the best ways Tailwind Tribes has assisted the growth in my website traffic, is from swapping backlinks with other travel bloggers.

Connecting to the Tailwind community, has hugely assisted with learning from peers in the travel industry, and assisted in boosting each others’ online visibility! 🙂

Pinning Strategy

In late 2019 I began using Tailwind Tribes and a pinning strategy consisting of:

-Not pinning the same image with the same pin description to the same board.

-Utilising keywords and Pinterest SEO strategies

-Pinning 20 times a day, consisting of approx 15-18 of my own pins and 2-3 others pins from relevant tailwind tribes

Since using Tailwind Tribes with this pinning strategy I have had 5 times the amount of re-pins I had before even while using Group Boards.


1st Dec 2019 17.8k monthly pin views.  Note this jump has occurred in 3 weeks only and is continuing to rise.

UPDATE: 1st Jan 2020 41K monthly pin views and rising.

What are these ‘TAILWIND TRIBES’ you ask? 

Tailwind Tribes are community groups in your same blogging niche.  Once you join a Tribe, you see all pins pinned to that tribe and you have the option to re- pin others Pins, and they have the option of re-pinning your- rapidly increasing the audience reach on Pinterest.

The next step is converting these higher amount of pin views to increased website click throughs. I’ll be sure to update once I have this strategy down!

Happy pin creating and scheduling!

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