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Budget Travel Tips For Australia You Need To Know!

The old conundrum. How to travel on a budget while also experiencing the best the world has to offer?

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Best Budget travel tips for Australia.

From the long term traveller to the seasonal holidayer, here are tips to INFLATE your funds for your best time in OZ and learn the best cheap ways to travel!

Shuttle buses vs Uber transfers
It kinda goes against the ‘carefree traveller’ image, and I hear you say “but im experiencing life as it comes, i’m a wild and free spirited traveller!”

BUT if you’re searching for cheap ways to travel, transfers are an added cost, and researching transport will not only assist to keep you safe, but you’ll also save precious fund$.

Most popular beach destinations offer pre- booked shuttle bus services from airports and between towns- it’s worth comparing these with Uber prices (*if available) or car hire.

Sites such as Airport Shuttles Australia provide shuttle listings available in all Australian states.

*Currently Ubers are mainly in larger cities or nearby towns.

Metro cards
Metro cards vary from city to city, but I do know the MYKI card for tram, train and bus travel in Melbourne is a very confusing affair, especially to those out of town.

Where to buy, how to top up and when to touch on & off are key details, to avoid extra costs and wasted time. Check this link for detailed and up to date info: https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/myki

BUY: Newsagents and similar stores.
TOP UP: Major Train Stations and online.
TOUCH ON & OFF: At the beginning and end of your journey, exept for trams which you do not need to touch off.

Shop ahead and prepare meals
Goes without saying that drinking fancy drinks eating at restaurants at every meal will drain those dollar$. Researching prices or budgeting an allocation per day will assist in saving those hard earned funds.

It’s soo easy to spend a heap on food and drinks. Even balancing some home made lunches vs eating out, will make you feel much healthier and richer.

Download free maps
Maps like MAPS.ME are downloadable while on wifi, but once you have downloaded your location within the app, you are able to access offline.

This means when you’re walking in confused circles attempting to locate your hotel- instead of hailing a cab, follow the arrow on your map all the way home to your accom.

Lonely Planet
Lonely planet have a ton of current tips for travelling Australia and easiest, cheap ways to travel , which will save time and money. Checkout a couple of guides here:

The resources in this post can be found on Amazon and come with free 2 day shipping with an Amazon Prime membership.

Don’t have Amazon Prime yet? You can grab a free 30 day trial here!

Ask questions!
Ask the travel agent on the hostel desk/ scuba diving company if there are any current deals in place, or specific Australia tour packages.

The best travel agents in Australia will be keen to assist you on the best, cheap travel deals.

Communicating with people around you will clear up any misguided information and assist in spending less. This also goes for directions, time check and other info.

You’ll also feel more connected to the place and you and Barry the scuba instructor may become life long friends in the process.

Free Download: Best Affordable Accommodation in Australia

Work for your stay
This is another area where a positive attitude and communication will work wonders.

Plenty of hostels and accom offer ‘work for your room’ options. Alternatively café or bar work could top up your funds. I once stayed a whole summer in Byron Bay,which was only possible by short term waitress work in a local cafe.

Ask around for recommendations to reputations beforehand, to avoid toxic environments. Spending your days with a plate throwing chef isn’t worth your precious travel days.

One fine wallet
This budget saving crew also have a TON of helpful budget tips on cheap ways to travel , to save those precious pennies ahead of your trip. Check them out here: https://onefinewallet.com

The common theme with all these tips is researching to find the best deals and info on travel accessories and experiences.

You’ll be less likely to get caught out after a late arrival at the only restaurant open, which also happens to be the THE most pricey, OR having to fork out hard saved cash for transport without pre-booking.

Budget Travel Insurance:

Please see starting resources below on Budget Travel Insurance, which will assist your travel funds which providing travel security.

Best Backpack for Travel

These ZOMAKE 30L Lightweight Packable Backpacks are affordable and are the perfect hiking daypack:

Alternatively, if you’re the type of traveller who likes to wing it and choose as you go, you could prepare a daily budget for certain destinations ahead of time- sometimes it’s difficult to know what a place has to offer until you’re experiencing it!

The key is balance and research, while still going with the flow to have the best time possible exploring new destinations!

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Best Budget travel tips for Australia

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