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8 Best Australian Travel Websites You Need To Know!

I love visiting new cities. One of the BEST activities once arriving, is to wander the streets, browsing, gazing, and stumbling into new precincts, and finding a good coffee while absorbing the atmosphere.

I also love chatting with the baristas, imagining what it would be like to live in that area, soaking up the climate, the history- you could be anyone from anywhere and they wouldn’t know.

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It does help though, to have a bit of a plan before you begin. To save precious travel time, here is a list of the 8 Best Best Australian travel websites You Need To Know, to expand your experience.

They may be helpful budget wise, culture wise, or general info wise.

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Best Australian travel websites.


5Why seems is a bit like your family- a combination of the sensible stuff with the youthful voice of a Gen Z throwing in banter along the way, switching between five different topics, but providing current and on pointe information.

Directed at the younger generations, their website has HEAPS of sections, labeled such as:

Food and Bevs’
The info is spot on, offering detail on cheap eats, best drink deals and newest information.

‘Out & About’
5 Budget-Friendly Events to check out at Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

‘Headspace Hub’
How to approach a mate when they’re really struggling.

5 rookie errors to avoid on a long haul flight. Sure there are plenty of flight booking sites out there, but these tips are priceless once you bord the plane.

‘Latest Trending stories’
Initially seeming like taboid fluff, but in reality, consisting of current real information covering important topics, and reported with a youthful style.

5Why is perfect for checking out Australian cities, and for all kinds of travellers, particularly those born after 1990.


“Broadsheet is a city guide. We cover food & drink, art & design, fashion, entertainment, travel and active lifestyles.”

A perfect go- to if you’re into wandering in search of a good coffee and surprise, along the laneways of Melbourne or hilly streets of Sydney.

Broadsheet caters to a slightly older audience (than 5why); 20 somethings to 30s, 40s and older, the focus is more on unique pairings and good quality.

Like your 30 something uni graduate hipster aunt with a bit of moolah, passing on some top places to visit.

Current food and drink recommendations range from the best pie, retro karaoke and new vs traditional sushi. Yummo!


Offering underrated road trip destinations is one of the reasons this website is worth checking out and is one of the best Australian travel websites.

Amongst others, Traveller provides articles on where the ‘real Australian road trips’ are, expert tips, and The worst person to bring on a road trip, resulting in this site being an essential go- to for all things travelling through Australia.

LONELY PLANET (for Central Australia)

You want to know what the rules are for visiting Central Australia, but you want your own experience, am I right?

Lonely Planet Central Australia guide

Although Lonely Planet may already be on your radar, they continue to write contemporary up-to-date, informative articles, answering most peoples specific travel related questions.

Oaks Australia

This line of hotels and resorts all round Australia have fantastic reviews, are reasonably priced per night, and offer rooms ranging from basic to all-out luxury.

Often advertising good deals, they are definitely competitive for what you receive for your $$.

*Update* 2020 Oaks Hotels also offer a pre booking option with no pre payment or fees before your stay, and free cancellation right up until before your selected dates. This is ideal, given the current unpredictability of COVID- 19 conditions.

For no pre payment and free cancellation, see more below on Oaks Australia:

Oaks Hotels and Resorts


Flashpack is an ideal travel website for singles in their 30’s and 40’s.

Offering anything from dinner experiences, one day, or up to two week trips. They are on the expensive side but the company is well equipped, providing small group travel experiences to incredible locations.

Flashpack is well organized and caters specifically to those no longer happy with the hostel budget backpacking chaos, and are keen to meet new people.

A trip of theirs I took in Italy included bike riding, visiting wineries (it was set north of Venice!), good hotel accom, continental breakfasts and alot of laughs. Always expanding, this site is worth adding to your list.


A fantastic website for all cities of Australia and New Zealand. Search through a jam packed list of things to do and unique & fun travel ideas in each city.

Some of the Urban List’s popular articles include Best Op Shops, Best Yum Cha, Best Pastry- you name it, to out of town cinemas, markets, and brewery festivals.


Travelettes is a website for females and is a global hub for travel writers. Contributors’ locations range from the UK, France, Vienna, the U.S, and Berlin.

Since 2009 the website is a collection of travel stories from all corners of the world.

The Travelettes’ goal is to “inspire, inform and motivate young women to travel more”. Search by city and you’ll find the best articles on ‘Nature breaks’, ‘Top Breakfast spots’ and ‘Beaches off The Beaten Track’.

Alternatively, if you’d rather pick up an old fashioned book-in-print, Lonely Planet continues to provide up to date information for travelling Australia. Check the below for the best tips on Australian road trips.

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I would love to hear your fave go- to websites for discovering Australian cities! Please comment below with any suggestions 🙂