Congratulations! You’ve booked your next adventure, and now comes the part where you save all your pennies towards the experience of a lifetime. 

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You may be wondering how do I save money for my next trip?

Instead of not eating healthily or never leaving the house until heading to the airport, here below are 7 QUICK ways to save money for your next big trip, to assist you with those extra expenses you didn’t factor into your budget (Hello airport transfers, travel insurance, extra baggage allowance! 😉).

You could even set yourself a saving money challenge, to aim for your ideal budget before your trip begins.

If you’re anything like me, you step up a level once there is a challenge involved.


Stick to a monthly budget

Keep it simple.  One outgoing column and one incoming column.  Divide the remaining money and put aside a monthly or weekly amount into an account you will not/cannot touch until your trip. 

It’s astonishing how organised you feel once you’re aware of all your expenses and income, and how easy it is to save when your not stung with a forgotten charge, tipping you into the negative.


Make extra money online

There are currently heaps of legitimate ways to make money online (though, ensure to be mindful of scams).  Depending on your available time and skill set, anything and everything from transcribing audio files, market research (online surveys) and selling your homemade gifts are accessible by signing up online and having a paypal account.

ONE FINE WALLET have an extensive amount of information and links to current and profitable ways to bulk up your income.  Check them out here:

See here for additional saving money challenge ideas.

Side Hustle for cash in the neighbourhood

An obvious way to boost your account is a side hustle. Whether it be driving Ubers, babysitting, cleaning houses, or a Saturday barista job.  Think outside the box, and what you could manage in your schedule while keeping in mind whether you’ll have extra downtime for relaxation once travelling.

Ask for a cash shaped going away gift

Does your family like to give you gifts? Are they likely to want to help you on your adventure?  Get ahead, asking politely, and with charm for going away funds instead of token items which may take up space in your suitcase.

A top idea to aid your saving money challenge, and they’ll feel happy to have contributed, especially if you send travel pics of you having the best time!


Invest in a Credit Card

Given you have done the research and feel confident you will pay a credit card off in a reasonable time, there are a multitude of options for travel cards with varying benefits.

One example is the ANZ Travel rewards card. (Benefits: free Domestic flight and Virgin lounge passes each year your card is active)

If Credit Card fraud concerns you, ensure to research all you need to know before leaving your home town.

Amazon has a range of affordable fraud prevention books worth checking out before activating your card:

Sell your stuff!

Really need that book from 2002 on minimalism or where to find mr right? A perfect way to de- clutter before your trip, and never has it been this easy to sell your stuff online.  Marketplace, eBay and Gumtree in Australia are constantly being scoured by the public for a bargain! The beauty of Ebay, is they will re-list your item for a period of time until it sells.

Market Research groups

There are plenty of market research groups in bigger cities looking for professionals or students to give feedback on a range of products. From credit cards to TV advertising campaigns, these groups usually pay approx $100 per hour or via gift card. 

One of these sessions every few months is another easy and quick way to top up your travel funds and fast track your saving money challenge.

For additional inspiration, here is a list of the cheapest countries to visit!

Once you have begun your adventure there are heaps of ways to save as you travel. Read here for some ideas to get in the right mindset ahead of your trip: Best Budget Travel Tips for Australia

Of course, there are many more creative and insightful tips to save money for a big travel adventure or any type of goal. Please feel free to add any ideas which have assisted your funds in the comments below 🙂

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