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Wondering how to reserve the best accommodation in Australia?

Imagine this. 30 hours of travel time.  Arrive in LA to pre- booked hotel, alone in your mid 20’s.  The hotel is in a dodgy area, with hardly any travellers checked in and honestly, the vibe is creepy. 

Luckily there is a computer set up in the “foyer” (pre smartphones). You find a nearby chain hostel that you quickly call. Your bag is very quickly dragged along the West Hollywood street to this cleaner, more suitable accommodation a half hour walk away. 

BEFORE: Jet-lagged and nervous.


AFTER: Ready to party!


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Whether you’ve booked an Airbnb, hostel, glamping tent, or a luxury resort, it’s difficult to be 100% confident ahead of a trip to an unknown destination.

Will you be staying in the accommodation you imagined? Who knows. Is there anything you can do ahead of booking? Yes.

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You could read reviews and view online video’s but sometimes this does not reflect the real atmosphere of a location. You aim for the best price but also expect cleanliness, friendliness and safe neighbourhoods.

I have experienced this on a number of occasions, once recently on a holiday to Broome, WA a couple of years back.  I had booked accommodation at a good price, walking distance from the popular Cable Beach. 

What I didn’t realise was the temperature that time of year was mid 40’s (degrees!) and walking down the street induced exhausting sweats and sometimes nose bleeds! Everyone else familiar with the climate had pre organised car hire or booked accommodation closer to the beach.

Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t notice something until it is literally right in front of us.

How will you know ahead of your trip, which accommodation is a reasonable price per night, yet in your preferred location, with friendly and helpful staff, and housing like minded travellers? How do we know how to reserve the perfect accommodation in Australia before our trip?

3 Secret beach getaways in Australia

Below, I have compiled a to-do list when pre booking accomodation:

  • Read reviews. This one is obvious, but after reading heaps of reviews, you get a sense of the usual complainers and who is honesty reviewing their experience.
  • Ask your family and friends for advice or tips. If they have travelled to the same area, ask for in depth details!
  • Write out your location needs and what you’re ultimately wishing for on this trip.

  • Give yourself a daily budget. Be realistic. Once you have a clear idea of what you really could afford on accommodation, you’ll narrow down the unrealistic options as well as the downright awful. Would you be best suited to a holiday home, a hotel, or one of the top resorts in Australia?

  • Chip in with friends for a more luxurious stay. This could be the ideal option for stays at the best hotels and resorts in Australia in Australia, and luxurious holiday homes to rent.

  • View deals and luxury escapes. You never know your luck- what you save somewhere could be spent on a half price deal at the right time of year.

  • Travel at off peak times of the year. Make note of school holidays, public holidays and large scale events in your chosen destination and country. This will make a huge difference in both flights and accom prices.
How to reserve the best luxury accommodation in Australia

  • Give yourself an out. To ensure you don’t get stuck somewhere unsafe for a night, research ahead of time for 1 or 2 other options, should you need to change booking plans pronto!

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How to reserve the best accommodation in Australia

Thanks for reading 🙂 Leave a comment below if you have been in a similar situation or have any further tips on booking the best accommodation!

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