We are currently very familiar with having ALL our plans put on hold and not the least, our exciting travel plans, being postponed indefinitely while COVID-19 plays it’s course. This post is to assist with How to deal when your travel plans are cancelled indefinitely.

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Sure, it sounds like a very privileged, COVID- free thing to say ‘Ohh, I cannot fly to Noosa (hot spot on Australia’s East Coast) this year, I don’t know how i’ll cope!’

But to many, having travel plans after putting in the hard yards to save and organise, are what keeps us motivated at times, through the daily grind.

The disappointment of all this being put on hold, definitely could add to the many other challenges 2020 has brought us this far.

Flight delays and the reality of having travel plans cancelled indefinitely.

My partner and I had plans to travel interstate in Australia this Easter for a festival and beach holiday.  We’d been building up to this for at least 6 months.

We’d discussed the finer details, even what time we’d arrive at the airport lounge to begin our holiday as early as possible!

Almost no-one could’ve predicted COVID-19, and the current lockdown situation we’re facing. Although understanding the situation, we were really deflated when we realised there was no way we could still travel interstate, and the festival was cancelled of course.

But, on reflecting on all of this I’m beginning to see some positives which I thought would assist those feeling stuck and unmotivated.

Here are 4 positives and 4 challenges and solutions for dealing with your travel plans cancelled indefinitely:


Saving travel money

By no means would I wish to discount the reality of the millions of people out of a job or being stood down in this current environment.

But for those who are managing well enough financially, having travel plans cancelled indefinitely means you are able to save those precious travel funds, and build on them a bit longer.

Add to them for future travel (hello, bank account interest 😉), or use the saved money for other needs to assist you through this strange time.  Online shopping, courses or new release films anyone?

See here for 7 quick ways to save for your next big trip!

Booking future travel in advance

Booking ahead with no prior booking fees and the flexibility to cancel, has never been easier.  You’re supporting businesses while planning something down the track to get excited for, especially if you’re in the southern hemisphere with winter approaching.

Booking accommodation or a fancy dinner out in spring time, as long as there is free cancellation and no lock in costs, means a glimmer at the end of the COVID tunnel, and if this damn thing persists, there is the option to cancel or postpone if required.

Booking ahead with no upfront payment is a positive when having travel plans cancelled indefinitely.
Source: huffingtonpost.com.au

Opportunity to re-assess your plans

Will you really want to see The Maldives, or would you be as happy to visit somewhere spiritual or see loved ones, now you’ve had time to ponder on what is important to you?

Take time out for exercise or relaxation when having travel plans cancelled indefinitely.
Source: aplusyogawear.com

Get creative with your time

Stopping and taking stock, frees the mind to come up with new ideas, and think outside the square.

When I had some downtime years ago between jobs, I came up with my first songwriting blog, which is still running and had strong success.  It combines two loves, writing and songs.

Had I continued on the 9- 5 treadmill and not had the space to really flesh the idea out over cups of tea, it’d still be a vague idea floating in the back of my head.

Challenges and Solutions:

Motivation struggle

This whole Covid thing really has knocked everyone for a six. 

Without the usual routines, social interaction and fun, being at home everyday, alone, or with the kids/family/housemates is very challenging.

It’s hard to imagine that you’ll have your usual life back, let alone be heading on that ultimate holiday, without the current paranoia of washing your hands every 3 mins, spraying Glen 20 or guessing how far away 1.5 metres is.

How will you be able to relax? Will it be over crowded like China, with too many people at one event?  When is the next pandemic? Will there be enough sanitiser/toilet paper/food?

Solution: There’s thousands of online courses to learn something new, or upskill, ready for when we’re back in our usual daily routine. Beginning something new and exciting will assist motivation, as well as sticking to a routine on study days.

For info on free online courses, check this out here:

Diminished income

Less to no immediate income is affecting thousands over the world.

Solution: Get creative, and research your finance options, re-assess your priorities, and consider co-travel if a holiday or extended trip is still a future possibility.

Get creative with future budget planning when having travel plans cancelled indefinitely.
Source: info.localytics.com

It’s true we’re all in this together, and a year or two down the track could be an ideal time to group up with some friends to save on costs and upgrade your future travel possibilities.

Get creative with small and meaningful travel ideas when having travel plans cancelled indefinitely.
Consider co-travel
Source: huffpost.com

Diminished travel options

Businesses going bust equals less travel options.

Solution: Your options may not be the same, BUT there is a heap of info and support out there, and yes, we are all in this together.  Think creatively: a group holiday to a smaller destination at a different time of year could be what the doctor ordered.


Yes no-one knows how long these conditions will continue, or when we will be able to resume ‘normal’ life. We are used to making plans, budgeting and organising our time, out of practicality and to feel secure.

Solution: Planning ahead with some options will assist in keeping hope and excitement. As long as you’re flexible that dates or circumstances may change, and you’re not paying any upfront non-refundable fees, booking some future activities, personal deadlines or goals will assist in the feelings of helplessness and vague future of how this will all pan out.

There will be a vaccine for Covid-19 and and end in sight, even though no-one knows currently when. Stay positive and continue to ponder all the wonderful destinations and experiences which lay ahead in the early 2020’s.


We are all struggling with this pandemic, and with no real answer to how long this will continue, it’s important for peace of mind to keep the things that make you happy, and build on those where possible.

Fun times will be here before too long, along with a ton of gratitude for spending time with loved ones, the freedom of travel, and socialising without the distance.

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