Whether you’re tired of the beaches in Melbourne and searching for the best weekend getaways in Victoria, or for romantic getaways in Victoria, here are 8 top alternative weekend getaways to consider when weighing up your options.

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A list to be used as a go to guide, when looking for Weekend Getaways In Victoria, which aren’t booked out, yet are as gorgeous and relaxing, destined to provide a relaxing weekend getaway whenever needed, even if sometimes at short notice.

In November 2020, travel restrictions are lifting in Australia. Are you sweating it out online fighting for a the best weekend away in Victoria, at the same popular destinations as everyone other city dweller, and wondering whether to pay double the price?

Or are you trying to decide to brave the crowds at some of the best beaches in Melbourne?

If that’s not your style, here are some alternate getaways, and best beaches in Victoria, for your next weekend escape.


Walkerville is a small beach in South Gippsland, on Warratah Bay. The small town is very quiet and coastal, with enough holidayers to add the getaway vibe. There are plenty of houses to rent, or the Walkerville Caravan Park is another option, situated right at the water.

One of my preferred holiday destinations in Victoria, Walkerville is that bit further out from Melbourne, giving a remote feel, but still accessible at 190 kms south east of Melbourne.

Sandy Point

Sandy Point is in my opinion, one of the best beaches in Victoria for a weekend getaways Australia has, and is only a couple of hours south out of Melbourne. As part of ‘Prom Country’, the long stretch of beach is as pretty as Wilsons Promontory (one of the best holiday destinations in Victoria), but a lot less busy and is approximately a half hour closer to Melbourne.

The small caravan park and shops provide everything needed for a perfect weekend getaway.

Weekend Getaways In Victoria. Sandy Point, Victoria.


One of the most popular weekend getaways Australia offers, is to head down the Great Ocean Road. The closer beach towns are usually the most popular holiday destinations in Victoria, being Aireys Inlet, Lorne and Apollo Bay.

Further along the Great Ocean Road, is Peterborough. This quiet beach is also one of the best beaches in Victoria, a spectacular beach on the Great Ocean Road, and is 40 minutes on the Melbourne side of Warrnambool.

Peterborough is a quiet, summertime town, has a caravan park, a pub, a scattering of local shops, and is accessible to some of the most incredible parts of Coastal Victoria.

A short drive from the popular Port Campbell and 12 Apostles, Peterborough is a quieter, easier option when other areas are booked for the summer.

Weekend Getaways In Victoria. Peterborough, Victoria.

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Venus Bay

Venus Bay is another coastal town with a surf beach on one side and bay on the other. The caravan park is one of the best i’ve stayed in, offering fire pits, cabins and powered or non powered sites, while still having a quiet and rugged vibe over the hill from the surf beach.

Close by, the selected group of shops provide everything from pizza to chemist supplies, making this spot an easy option for families or couples, and one of the best getaways in Victoria.

Weekend Getaways In Victoria. Venus Bay, Victoria.


Bright is 214 kms from Melbourne, and takes approx 4 hours drive. An inland escape, this area near Falls Creek is known for its prettiness and country style. Plenty of bnb’s to choose from, rivers, waterfalls, markets, golf, arts and culture make Bright an ideal weekend getaway and one of the most romantic getaways in Victoria.

Bright, Victoria.

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Woodend is situated at the bottom of the Macedon Ranges and often the stopping point before heading to up to Mount Macedon or Hanging Rock.

A lovely small town, with delicious cafe options, crafts and op shopping, make Woodend a perfect place to stay to explore the town and surrounding areas.

Only an hour from Melbourne, Woodend is a perfect and easy weekend getaway.

Macedon, Victoria.
Woodend is close proximity to the Macedon Ranges


Queenscliff, on the Bellarine Peninsula, is that bit further from Melbourne than the popular Torquay and Ocean Grove. The historic style town is perfect for a weekend getaway, with well maintained old buildings, houses and gardens throughout the town.

The quiet wide streets, and seasonal live music culture, make Queenscliff a lovely spot for a weekend getaway for a groups, families or to a destinaltion to add to your list of romantic getaways in Victoria.

Queenscliff, Victoria.


I had never visited Somers, until 5 years ago, and honestly, although familiar with the Mornington Peninsula, I didn’t know where Somers was!

Turns out I was missing out all these years, on this quiet bay/beach getaway, only one hour from Melbourne.

Somers is situated on Western Port bay, on the south eastern corner of the Mornington Peninsula. Although the Mornington Peninsula is one of the most popular weekend trips from Melbourne, somehow Somers stays tucked away and secluded, providing a relaxed vibe throughout the year.

Gazing out to sea, you feel far away from the usual summer bustle, which is ironic as other busier destinations further south or on the Mornington Peninsula are not very far at all.

The small town of Somers has a general store which has been revamped to provide coffee and meals, which has become popular with locals and visitors.

Somers also has a caravan park, fire station and local camps, as well as air bnb’s for weekend getaways.

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.
Somers is on the South Eastern corner of the Mornington Peninsula


As the conditions of 2020 have instigated many people to leave Melbourne, Victoria, permanently, or take short trips for the weekend, it is common to come up against road blocks, such as availability and cost when booking a weekend getaways in Victoria.

Hopefully these holiday destinations, which are some of the best beaches in Victoria, will encourage families and groups to think outside the usual hot spots and enjoy all regional Victoria has to offer.

And it goes without saying, these regional areas will be very happy with the support of their local businesses!

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