I interviewed some of Australia’s top Travel Bloggers in 2020, on how to start a travel blog, what inspires them to continue as a travel blogger and their top tips for travel bloggers.

As I read through their responses, I was aware of some common themes, including the challenges with being an Australian blogger, tips on staying authentic, and to being aware of the needs of your audience.

If you’re wondering which inspirational blogs to read, money making blogging tips or general travel blogging tips, be sure to read further.

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Here are some of the top insider tips from two of Australia’s best bloggers, Katie Driscoll and Jo Castro:

3 Top Tips For New Travel Bloggers

Katie: “First would have to be that you have to be consistent in your writing, even when it feels like you are getting nothing in return, consistency is key to building a following!

Second I would say is to learn and use Pinterest! I get so much of my blog traffic from here, it’s an amazing way to share your content!

Third would be to network, whether its on Instagram, Pinterest or just through finding other blogs online, creating a network with other travel bloggers has really made my journey a lot easier and more fun!”

Jo: “Find a good niche, because the travel blogging sector has become very crowded.

Be authentic always.

If you intend to try and make money blogging then realise that it is hard. Have a plan, decide on a business model, and start out thinking like a business person, not as a hobbyist”

Tips for travel bloggers, how to write a travel blog.

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3 Best Tools For Marketing A New Blog Post

Katie: “Pinterest is an amazing tool for marketing! If you can learn Pinterest SEO your viewers will increase dramatically!

I also love to post them on my Instagram and personal facebook page because I know a lot of my close friends and family love to read what I write and often share it to their pages!

I am also a part of a bloggers facebook group where we all share our blog posts with each other, which is a great way to promote your blogs and network at the same time!”

Jo: “Email, Pinterest, Facebook”

Tips for travel bloggers, how to write a travel blog.

Best Advice Received As A Travel Blogger

Katie:” Try to stay genuine and be yourself through your writing, a lot of people find blogs because they have information they need, but they go back to them because they are interested in the author and their travels.”

Jo: “Always make sure you answer the questions people are asking”.

Tips for travel bloggers, how to write a travel blog.

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If you are wondering how to start a travel blog or are further down the track and wanting money making blogging advice, you may find some of these tips resonate with you, or you may have other platforms and techniques which are more suited to your blogging style.

I’d love to hear from you, if you have any other positive blogging advice or tips on how to start a travel blog to add to this list!

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