By the time of you arrive in Broome, Western Australia, even if you are on a travel budget, you have most likely spent your weight in gold to get to the remote destination in Australias north west.

Well worth the visit, Broome is a stunning must-see part of Australia, albeit expensive.

Combine these budget ideas with some more expensive options, or focus solely on some of these if you are travelling on a travel budget.

Either way here are 5 incredible things to do in Broome, while on a travel budget, which won’t cause you to break out in a sweat (leave that to the weather).

Sunset Drinks at Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa

Even if you’re not staying at the fancy Cable Beach resort, the beach-view-bar welcome people in for a snack and drink to watch the sunset at this iconic spot.

Take in the scenery of wealthy tourists, sporty locals and the line of camel rides Broome has to offer, as they are led up from the sand after a long day at the beach.

As the sun drops into a deep red sky, this experience is not to be missed.

Broome on a budget. Cable Beach sunset
Cable Beach sunset. Source:

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Cape Leveque Day Trip

Broome on a budget. Cape Leveque.
Cape Leveque

It’s common to visit Cape Leveque (currently accessible only by 4WD along a dirt road, north of Broome) for 2-3 days, and stay over in the spectacular location in beachside huts.

Alternatively, there is also a quicker and cheaper one-day tour with a local company Kimberley Wild.

This is a fantastic day, often led by a down to earth local, who has lived in Broome for 20 years, has heaps of knowledge and willing to answer plenty of questions.

Visit Beagle Bay Church

Broome on a budget. Beagle Bay church.

On your way to or from Cape Leveque, you must stop at the iconic Beagle Bay church.

Amid a well run indigenous community, this church was built by hand and has featured in many Australian films. The simplicity and history of the area is refreshing to any seasoned traveller.

Shimmering Beach Walk

Gaze out at the Indian Ocean and watch the Broome tides while wandering along the quieter side of Cable Beach, (away from the beach chairs and towards where the FWD’s park when the tide is out).

Early morning presents a stunningly shimmering shore with millions of shells adding to the magic of this spectacular and uncrowded beach stroll.

Broome Night Market

The town centre of Broome has a mixed atmosphere, and while I wouldn’t walk alone at night, a visit by bus or car to the night market is well worth the time, presenting live music and local artists selling their own creations.

Next door to the markets is the impressive Staircase to the Moon Broome, where the moonlight over the water gives the illusion of a ‘staircase to the moon’. An impressive sight worth visiting.

Staircase to the moon Broome
Staircase to the moon, Broome

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