With travel changed for the world since 2020, many people are realising how they have taken travel and holidays for granted.  Some are attempting smaller getaways or travelling to non Covid hotspot areas, for time out.

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Why Eco Friendly Travel?

We all know travel can sometimes leave a large mark on the environment.

Sustainability is also on people’s minds more than ever, with everyone from cafes, small to large businesses, bars, gyms, and public transport embracing an affordable and sustainable approach to their products.

Below I have listed 20 top sustainable travel products to consider when planning your next road trip, vacation or getaway.

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Popular Eco Friendly Products

Popular eco friendly products include reusable water bottles, items made from recycled plastic, notable eco friendly travel essentials, and backpacks made from sustainable and recycled materials.

Here listed are 20 top sustainable travel products to assist with planning your sustainable trip.

1. Bamboo Reusable Straws

These Zenify Straws come in a pack of 4, complete with a travel bag and cleaning brush.

These bamboo reusable straws will reduce single use plastic straws.  Bamboo doesn’t go soggy over time like paper straws and is odorless unlike silicone straws and is biodegradable, making these ideal sustainable travel products.

Perfect for hot and cold drinks, these straws are biodegradable and easy to clean, are perfect for travel as they are also able to be used as stirrers!

Eco Travel Reusable Straws

2. Green Journal

This soft, vegan, leather bound notebook is a refillable lined diary. The ideal travel writing gift for men, women, vegetarians and teenagers.

Made of PU leather, a vegan leather that does not use animal products unless it states it is bicast leather. Bicast leather is a mixture of real leather and artificial leather.

These journals are refillable, practical, cruelty free, versatile and fountain pen safe.

Eco Travel Green Journal

3. Eco Friendly Sports Towel

Another one of the best sustainable travel products is this travel sports towel. A lightweight towel, which is very absorbent made of soft microfiber.

An eco friendly travel essentials option, for your sustainable travel kit, which is compact, and fast drying. Perfect for travel, camping, sports, and the beach.

These towels are soft, lightweight, and quick drying. They can be used for traveling or sports, are in a breathable pod that eliminates nasty smells, and are easy to clean, by either hand or machine wash.

Eco Travel Sports Towel

4. Eco Laundry Bag

From the brand ECO EDIT, this laundry and storage bag includes 40 pegs, is another of the best sustainable travel products, and modern with an eco friendly design.  The company even includes carbon neutral shipping to get this product to you. A practical eco friendly product for your sustainable travel kit.

These bags produce 100% zero waste and are gentle on clothes!

5. Eco Skincare Kit

This Brooke & Wallace beauty and Skincare Pack includes a headband, reusable makeup remover pads, and luxury, premium face wipes made of natural bamboo, making this a top addition to your eco friendly travel essentials list.

These eco skincare kits are reuseable, made from sustainable materials, and are gentle and soft on your skin.


Incredibly soft bamboo velour 3 layer pads.
Use your favourite cleanser or warm water alone.
Remove dirt and oil to keep skin feeling fresh.
No need for harsh chemicals or exfoliators which irritate the skin.

Eco Friendly and Cost Effective
Made with bamboo, a sustainable and responsible natural resource.
Wash and reuse pads over and over again to reduce waste of disposable cotton pads.
No need to keep spending money creating daily waste.

Convenient for Home and Travel

No need to use wasteful, disposable wipes when on the road.

3.2″ diameter – Small packing size makes it a great option for use away from home.

A storage bag and laundry bag allows for organization of clean and used pads.

Eco Travel Skincare Kit

6. Portable Solar Panel Charger

A portable, foldable solar panel charger, 21W Dual USB 2.4 is a fast solar charger for phones, suitable for outdoors, camping, travel and emergencies.

Simultaneous fast charging. The two USB ports allows two devices, is light weight, waterproof and durable, making this a top product for your sustainable travel kit.

Sustainable Portable Charger

7. Hydro Water Bottle

This stainless steel water bottle has a straw and wide mouth lids, keeps liquids hot or cold with a double insulated wall.

Fully resistant to oxidation and corrosion, with an anti-slip layer of powder coating.

Sustainable Water Bottle

8. Reusable Storage Bags

A 6 Pack of foldable reusable and portable storage bags for outdoor travel, camping, or hiking.

These sustainable travel bags are a perfect addition to your collection of sustainable travel products.

The reusable shopping bags are made of 190T polyester, which is prevented splashing and machine wash.

Ideal for daily supplies when you need for a trip or birthday party gift, Halloween, Christmas day, holiday, grocery store, supermarket, etc.

Sustainable Storage Bags

9. Eco Ways To Travel Book

This eco travel book includes tips on everyday travel, planning, eco friendly holidays and packing.

If you are wondering whether to fly or not to fly, this book will answer your questions, as well as how to be a green tourist when you arrive at your destination.

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10. Water Bottle/Tea Infuser

A tea infuser and bamboo bottle tumbler flask with removable steel infuser strainer, which is the perfect double walled, insulated stainless steel vacuum thermos mug for hot or cold loose leaf drinks, water, juice, coffee.

This flask is anti-leak and the ideal BPA free, eco friendly gift, or item for an eco friendly travel kit.

This tea infuser / water bottle is perfect for people always on the go.

The removeable infuser allows you to brew hot or cold teas or even infuse fruit.

Eco Water Bottle

11. Bamboo Cutlery Set

This 2 Pack of bamboo travel cutlery is reusable and includes a knife, fork, spoon chopsticks, and straws.  Ideal for travel, camping or school, this set is portable, lightweight, and has a creative design.

Sustainable Travel Cutlery

12. Stainless Steel Tumbler

This 20 oz stainless steel travel mug has 2 splash proof lids, a straw, brushes, and a double wall vacuum to insulate your coffee.

Made from premium stainless steel, designed to prevent splashing, this mug is perfect for short commutes or long haul travels.

13. Ripcurl Eco Swimsuit

Another of the best sustainable travel products is this Rip Curl women’s classic surf one piece swimsuit is is from their Eco Surf Collection.

Rip Curl state that they took some of their best selling swim pieces and made them even better by designing with the environment in mind.

With quick dry fabric which is ideal for all day comfort and the backless swimsuit style is flattering for all body types. An easy pull on closure for a quick no hassle fit.

Eco Swimsuit

 14. Zoggs Eco Swimsuit

This women’s wild rose ‘hi front’ eco fabric, one piece swimsuit has a built-in shelf bra bust support lining, a high front style offering more coverage with exposed back and clip fastening.

Other features include of these swimsuits include being machine washable, and are made with ecolast fabric created from material recovered and recycled from the ocean.

Eco Swimsuit

15. Zenify Earth Bamboo Toothbrush

This bamboo toothbrush (Set of 4) has charcoal infused soft BPA free bristles, a biodegradable handle, and is Australian owned.

The perfect eco friendly alternative to a plastic toothbrush!

Sustainable Toothbrush

16. Zenify Earth Reusable Produce Mesh Bag

These Mesh Bags (5 Bags) are BPA free, washable, and are the perfect grocery shopping bags, and are Australian owned sustainable travel products.

Made consciously from BPA recycled plastic, these bags are reusable and washable with a warm hand wash. 


Eco Travel Bag


17. LastSwab Reusable Cotton Buds 

These environmentally friendly Q tips, by LastObject, are easy to clean, zero waste cotton swabs made from durable material, and come in a corn based carry case.

If you would like to view similar products, LastObject produce a wide range of zero waste and easy to clean items, ideal for vacations and travel.

Eco Cotton Buds

18. Foamie Travel Buddy Sustainable

This ‘travel buddy’ is made from 80% wheat fibre and 20% recycled polypropylene, ideal for firm products such as conditioners and shampoo and all your sustainable travel products.

These toiletries can dry easily and remain protected.

The ideal companion for the firm foamie shampoo and for the firm foamie conditioner.

Sustainable Travel Buddy


19. Mikka Collapsible Coffee Cup

This Eco-friendly, reusable, sustainable tea/coffee travel mug is made of BPA-free silicone for both indoor and outdoor use. Size is 15oz (430ml).

 The coffee cups are made of a BPA-free food-grade silicone material, and are perfectly safe for long-term frequent use. The design includes an insulated ring that protects your hand from hot beverages. The cup is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Eco Travel Cup

20.  Organic Cotton Travel Cubes

This Travel Packing Cube 4 Piece Set. Is ECO friendly and durable. 

Made from 100% organic cotton, these travel packing cubes are a sustainable alternative to common nylon/polyester materials. Organic Cotton is a naturally biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable fiber.

Made with a minimalist design with a focus on durability, these cubes can also be used on a daily basis separating items, used to organise and store your belongings in your wardrobe.

Eco Travel Cubes

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Hopefully, this list of sustainable travel products has provided some options for green travel and eco friendly travel in current times and the future!

I’d love to hear any other eco friendly travel essentials which have been practical and sustainable on your travels 🙂

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