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15 Secret Beaches In Australia (You Must Visit!)

Australia is known for its incredible beaches, that’s not new information to anyone. But if you’re visiting from another country or an unfamiliar area from another state, how to know where the uncrowded best secret beaches are?

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Born and bred in Melbourne, I have visited some of the super busy and best destinations of Noosa, Sydney, the general East Coast, Southern Victoria and Western Australia. I’ve also come across and been told some of the quietest, untouched and stunning, secret beaches in different states.

Here are some examples of secluded, secret beaches or incomparable beach getaways in Australia.


15. Cape Laveque, Western Australia

I’d heard stories and seen the pics, from family who’d visited the area, and had experienced some of the best Western Australia beaches, but it wasn’t until I visited the Broome and the Dampier Penisula north of Broome a couple years back, that I really took in how breathtaking, quiet and non commercial the beaches and surrounds are here.

This whole section of the Dampier Peninsula is accessible by 4WD only, along a dirt road. This is sometimes blocked by flooding which keeps the tourists and visitors to a minimum.

It’s difficult to describe this part of Australia in words, until you’re there in person. Cape Laveque and the surrounding peninsula areas are not only stunning and spectacular, but it is the feel of the place that is also leaves the biggest impact.

There is a spiritual element to the area, which may be due to the history of the land.

Read more on the traditional land owners of Cape Laveque and the Dampier Peninsula.

The most popular place to stay at Cape Leveque is Kooljaman Resort. Set in the wilderness, the camp also has a luxury aspect. The resort is low key and in line with the feel of the area, and the beaches never get crowded as the resort has limited space.

There are also no crocs or jellyfish here, a rarity of northern Australian beaches!

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If you’re one of the lucky travelers to make the trek up this part of the coast, it is highly worth it.

If you ensure to respect the area, the traditional owners and surrounding communities, you’ll maintain the welcoming atmosphere and have the opportunity to learn the inspiring indigenous and prehistoric history and experience of the land.

Additionally, by keeping these beaches as pristine and calm as you arrive you’ll assist in protecting this incredible part of the world for years ahead.

For budget tips on Broome and north Western Australia, see this post

Secret beach, Cape Laveque
Cape Laveque, Western Australia. Source: Pinterest

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14. Cable Beach, Western Australia

Another ultimate addition to the best Western Australia beaches, is Cable beach. Very popular in the Broome area, but you may not be aware this beach is 22 kms long, along the Indian Ocean, providing other quiet, long stretches of beach to enjoy.

4WD vehicles are permitted north of the central rocks and entrance from the Broome location.

The spectacular colour contrast from the red earth rocks and dunes to the blue/green sea is breathtaking, as well as the sunsets which draw the tourists to the main Broome location.

Secret Beaches in VICTORIA

13. Peterborough beach, Victoria

A quieter beach and holiday option between Warrnambool and Port Campbell along the Great Ocean Road, Peterborough has a lovely clean and quiet beach alongside a small town with only a few select shops and a pub.

An ideal stop while on a road trip, or in search of a chilled holiday option, while close enough to the nearby larger seaside towns.

Secret Beach, Peterborough Victoria.
Peterborough beach, Victoria. Source Flikr

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12. Walkerville Beach, Victoria

Walkerville is a rugged coastal alternative to the nearby Wilsons Promontory or Venus Bay.

Walkerville North and Walkerville South coastal roads meet at Walkerville, at an 800 m Track along the cliff tops alongside a quiet sandy beach in South Gippsland Victoria. Walkerville’s cliffs were mined for limestone, between 1878 and 1926. Ships transported the lime to the Melbourne building industry.

We visited Walkerville at Easter time and for Victoria, had rare warm weather for the Autumn break, but the uninhabited views and laid back lifestyle are ideal for all kinds of climate.

Hardly any shops and a scattering of well designed, luxurious but also mostly tasteful holiday houses, we observed the clear beach and were a short trip to the nearby “Magic Beach” (see Alison Lester story book), which grew busy with day visitors over the weekend.

Secret Beach, Walkerville, Victoria
Walkerville beach, Victoria. Source: Pinterest

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11. Wilsons Promontory, Victoria

Wilsons Promontory, the National Park commonly known as “The Prom”, is at the southern tip of mainland Australia, before Tasmania.

The area around Tidal River and the beaches leading towards where the river meets the sea, are well known for the rugged rolling dunes, spectacular beaches and friendly atmosphere.

At 3 plus hours travel time by car from Melbourne city, this area is sometimes only known to international day trippers or regular visitors to The Prom.

Additionally only the more experienced hikers are aware of the less popular, equally stunning and quieter beaches away from the main campground, such as Little Oberon Bay, Waterloo Bay and Sealers Cove, all less busy and well worth the visit if you’re a curious hiker. For further information, see here.

Secret Beach, Wilsons Promontory
Wilsons Promontory, Victoria. Source: visitvictoria.com

10. Berrys Beach, Victoria

Not far from the more popular and well known surf beaches of Woolamai, Smiths Beach as well as the bay side on Phillip Island in southern Victoria, is a smaller and very pretty surf beach, Berrys Beach.

Not really for little kids to swim in, this beach is ideal for brave swims in the choppy sea and lazing back and taking in the pretty and quiet surrounds.

Berrys beach. Source: Flikr


Secret Beaches in NEW SOUTH WALES

9. Bournda Beach, New South Wales

Bournda Beach and National Park is situated near Tathra, on the southern NSW Sapphire Coast.

The blend of ocean beaches, creeks, lagoons, white sand beaches in Australia, and the expansive waters of Wallagoot Lake make Bournda National Park a very attractive area.

While the park is well serviced with camping and recreational facilities, its natural environment remains unspoiled.

Birdwatching and kayaking in Bournda Lagoon are popular and the park has a rich indigenous history. The area was an important food gathering place and evidence of hunting and tool making have been found in coastal sites.

Threatened little terns breed on the northern side of Wallagoot Lake in most summer seasons. The site is fenced to protect the birds from harm, and a group of volunteers assist the National Parks and Wildlife Service with protecting the birds.

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8. Belongil Beach, New South Wales

One of my first times visiting Bryon bay as a young adult, I escaped Melbourne winter for a couple of weeks.

Instead of staying in the places I’d stayed with family, I decided to stay a 20 walk along the coast at Belongil Beach.

After walks into town and back along the soft sand there were locals around this area and a calmer atmosphere. I quickly found, walks in the opposite direction, north soon I was on large stretches of beach with not another soul at times to be seen.

Anyone familiar with Byron Bay, and this stretch of beach in particular will know that the beach is stunning, paradise and you feel incredibly lucky to be in the world when swimming in this water and looking at the view.

Belongil beach, NSW. Source: redbubble.com

7. Little Wategoes beach, New South Wales

If you’re searching for a white sand beach Australia, Byron Bay has many.

Between the main beaches in Byron Bay, and the lighthouse situated at the furthest eastern point of Australia, is little Wategoes beach, a smaller and quieter option to the popular and luxurious main Wategoes beach next door.

Facing north, this beach is well-protected and only 150 meters in length, protected from the wind and is perfect for fishing off the rocks, swimming or soaking up the sun in a secluded area.

The beach is inaccessible by car, and only accessed by either walking over the path from Wategoes or heading down from the lighthouse.

One to add to the list for any curious traveler, who enjoys escaping the crowds!

Secret Beach in QUEENSLAND

6. Seventeen Seventy, Queensland

Based in Gladstone, north west of Brisbane, this beach has the benefits of a surf beach as well as still waters ideal for snorkeling, swimming or paddle boarding while discovering the coral sea.

Naturally preserved by the surrounding national park and granite rocks, this area with a general store and nearby restaurants is ideal for young families and those searching for a quieter option to the more hectic beach spots along the Queensland coastline.

Secret Beaches, Australia
Seventeen Seventy beach, QLD. Source National Geographic


A quieter alternative to the more popular Mindil beach and Vestey beach in the Darwin area, are the north coast beaches. They are surrounded by forests which belong to the traditional indigenous Kenbi people. If you stick to the beaches you are welcome to bring your 4WD for further exploring this remote and scenic area.

Secret Beaches in SOUTH AUSTRALIA 

5. Coffin Bay, South Australia

One of the best beaches in South Australia, Coffin Bay National Park includes plenty of kangaroos and emus amidst large cliffs and stunning beaches.

Breathtaking views and being known for the “Coffin Bay Oyster”, there are only 6-700 permanent residents (escalation to 4000 plus in summer).

The open ocean is home to professional fishers and divers.

You are likely to see dolfins, sea birds and some incredible wildflowers, along the 7 mile long beach drive.

4. Carrickalinga Beach, South Australia

Carrickaling beach has a well maintained carpark, gardens and boardwalk ramps make a pretty introduction to this space, which include ideal swimming waters, visiting dolphins and perfect sandcastle building conditions.
A completely stunning beach, safe for swimming, relaxing and holidaying without the crowds, but also very close to McLaren Vale and Adelaide, adding this to the list of one of the best beaches in South Australia.

3. The Copper Coast, South Australia

Also known as the Copper Triangle, the lovely hidden beaches in this area are alongside gorgeous old Cornish cottages on pretty streets.

The small towns along this coast all have a history relating to the old copper mines and the Cornish miners who came to live here, and the area hosts the world’s largest Cornish Festival, held every 2 years in the Cornish Triangle.

2. South Beach, Port Hughes, South Australia

Another one of the best beaches in South Australia, South Beach stretches a long way, with white sands and blue seas unspoilt by development of the sand dunes. You can walk and enjoy the peace with only the waves lapping and birds soaring nearby.

Depending on the weather, boats come in pretty close to see if fish are biting, often anchoring off the shoreline. If you are staying at Port Hughes Caravan Park there is a track down on to the beach.

Secret beaches Australia
South beach, Port Hughes, SA.

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Secret Beach in TASMANIA

1. Mabel Bay, Tasmania

Mabel Bay on Bruny Island is an uncrowded surf spot, opposite the better known Cloudy Bay. The lighthouse is close by for those interested in a stroll.

The north of Bruny Island is 20 kms from Hobart, it still takes some organizing to get to Bruny island, as you need your own transport.

Amidst the cruises, and travelers enjoying the fresh produce and wines of this region, there are plenty of walks and quieter options on Bruny island, including to and from Mabel Bay. This bay is ideal for surfers in search of an uncrowded location.

Mabel Bay, Tasmania. Source ABC.


With heaps of beaches to choose from, all over Australia, these are only some of the small amount of secluded and basically unknown secret beaches, as a starting point if you’re searching for an alternative on your beach holiday.

As always, it pays to research safety and accommodation ahead of time, as some of these locations are very remote. Without the correct details, you could easily get lost for the night, or end up paying a ton more than you should’ve.

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Enjoy your beach travels!



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