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If you’re like me, you love to travel, and anything which makes it easier along the way is very welcome.

Aside from the fun aspects of adventure, it is sometimes tiring travelling and we all need to be practical with items which will assist us along our way.

Whether heading on an Australian beach holiday, ticking off your overseas travel checklist, or venturing into a city for a couple of nights out, making note of these travel essentials for women, travel essentials for men or international travel essentials of all ages, will save you time and energy on your journey.

Make your holiday packing list easier with some of these items below!

I’m a big believer that budget doesn’t always need to mean not fun.  These products listed below are top rated, but at a reasonable price.

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1) Inflatable Travel Pillow

21.29 AUD

An inflatable pillow is ideal for packing light into a bag, and being on your merry way.

The Urophylla Inflatable Travel Pillow is top rated on Amazon, due to its compactness (folding up smaller than other inflatable pillows), the raised back of the pillow is very supportive and fast deflation when landing, making this travel pillow a perfect addition to you budget travel essentials list.

Budget Travel Essentials, travel products, travel pillow.

2) Ruuhee High Wasted Halter 2 Piece Swimsuit

40.99 AUD

Ruuhee swimwear have an incredible range of bathing suits, which are some of the best travel essentials for women These are the ultimate swimwear travel essentials for women for all sizes and styles, at affordable prices.

The design of these swimsuits are simple and current with flattering cuts and colours.  Prices range from 14.99 and up, mostly under the $50 mark.  The perfect accompaniment for a poolside or beach holiday.

Budget Travel Essentials, travel products, Swimwear.

Travelling in Australia?

3) Apple Earpods

51.99 AUD

Number 1 on the bestseller list for a reason, these wireless earpods are comfortable, have high quality audio and posses a built in remote for answering calls and adjusting volumes.

Budget Travel Essentials, Apple EarPods.

4) USB Charger

33.99 AUD

A high quality, portable charger with 6 phone or tablet charging ports. This USB charger is popular throughout the world and comes with an 18 month warranty.

Travel products, portable charger

5) Compression Socks

19.95 AUD

A quality compression sock made for comfort. These double stitched socks are made to last and are the ultimate travel essentials for women and men.

Budget Travel Essentials, Compression socks.

6) Toiletry Bag

12.95 AUD

This portable travel toiletry and cosmetics bag is waterproof, durable and makes travel life easy with see though compartments. Ideal travel essentials for women and men.

travel products, Toiletry travel bag.

7) Travel Laptop Backpack

42.99 AUD

Practical, comfortable and with tons of storage and space. Complete with a USB charger outside and built in cable inside, this backpack offers the perfect way to charge your phone while on the move.

Travel products, Travel Laptop Backpack

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8) Suitcase

168.87 AUD

An expandable luggage option with 10 year warranty and a convenient WETPAK separate compartment which allows you to separately pack damp items.

Travel products, Travel suitcase.

9) Water Bottle

29.95 AUD

32oz Water Bottles with marked ‘Times to Drink’. BPA Free and comes in attractive colours for your travels! A perfect addition to your hiking packing list.

Budget Travel Essentials, Water Bottle.

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10) Power Bank Charger

27.99 AUD

One of the best budget travel essentials, to make your trip safer and a whole lot easier, is this 5 bolt portable battery charger which offers up to 1.8 phone charges before needing to be re charged, and includes extensive safety features.

Travel products, Power Bank charger.

11) Phone Cable Charger

15.89 AUD

5 pack of iphone chargers, perfect for tablet or phone. Made from durable materials and offering fast charging, these are the ideal item to pack on your next trip.

Budget Travel Essentials, Phone cable charger.

12) Hiking Backpack

44.99 AUD

Another ideal option for your hiking packing list, is this 45 L backpack (specifically for hiking), which is one of the best backpacking packs you’ll see at this price.

Featuring adjustable straps, waterproof material and hanging sets to attach additional items.

Budget Travel Essentials, Hiking backpack.

13) Luggage Lock

15.54 AUD

A master lock for those wishing to set their own combination. TSA approved and comes in a variety of colours.

Budget Travel Essentials, Travel Luggage lock.

14) Umbrella

37.43 AUD

This umbrella is durable, comes in attractive colours and folds down into 11 inches, making it the perfect addition to your travel essentials.

Budget Travel Essentials, Travel umbrella.

15) Portable Speaker

32.91 AUD

Who doesn’t love some tunes on their trip? This wireless mini bluetooth speaker is only 40 mm wide, easy to carry and has an impressively loud volume and bass.

Budget Travel Essentials, Travel Portable Speaker.


Amazon is of course full of Budget Travel Essentials of various quality and cost to make your travel life easier. The items above are some of the top rated and best quality, boosting your holiday packing list, while on a budget.

Are any of these travel items on your overseas travel checklist?

I’d love to hear in the comments of any local budget essentials or international travel essentials you would add to this list! 🙂

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