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When it comes to going to the beach, sand free beach towels which are made from lightweight cotton and fast drying microfiber towels are very popular these days, to avoid unwanted heaviness and moisture.

All of these beach towels are made of easy-to-wash cotton and are highly absorbent.

Included in this list are round beach towels, Turkish beach towels and large sand free beach towels. These are some of the best beach towels currently available.

If you are looking for unique gifts for summer, or want to provide your entire family with beach towels, this collection of top-rated beach towels are for you!

1. Demmex 100% Organic Cotton Beach Towel

Top Rated Beach Towels

2. NewLyfe Sand Free Beach Towel

Sand Free Beach Towel

3. Sand Free Beach Towel Travel Blanket

Sand Free Beach Towel

4. SummerSand Microfiber Beach Towel

Sand Free Beach Towel

5. Meteor Quick Dry Beach Towel

Sand Free Beach Towel

6. Sand Free Sand Free Lyfeguard Microfiber Sand Free Beach Towel

Sand Free Beach Towel

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7. Round Beach Towel Large Beach Picnic Blanket

8. Luxury Turkish Beach Towel

9. Sand Free Extra Large Beach Towel

10. Microfibre Towel For Backpacking

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