We took part in the AmazingCo Couples Quest Challenge for the month of October, and here’s what happened 🙂

Melbourne was still in lockdown and it seemed like the perfect time to add a couple of surprises to our days.

The AmazingCo Couple Quest Challenge is a new challenge in 2021, designed to reconnect with your partner, and was also a fun alternative during one of Melbourne’s long 2021 lockdowns.

As an added incentive there are prizes to win along the way and a grand prize at the end of the month!

My boyfriend and I are already pretty connected and we took this challenge as a bit of fun during the month.  October ended up being a very busy month for us! We decided to do what we could and leave a challenge out if it didn’t feel right.

AmazingCo Couples Challenge

How It Works

Secret challenges come through every couple of days to both you and your partner via text message, like ‘surprise your partner with their favorite dessert one night’, and you have the option to complete additional couple quest challenges for prizes.

For example, additional challenges could be to post a photo when you have painted each others faces for Halloween for a chance to win a Good Food voucher.

Others include: ‘Prank Your Partner’ or Recreate An Iconic Movie Scene (and post pics online for prizes).

My Recommendations

  • Pick a month when you’re likely to be less busy or you’re away on a relaxing holiday.
  • Don’t stress if a challenge doesn’t fit for you as a couple or you don’t know how to fit it in- the quest is meant to be fun.
  • Get creative and tailor the challenges to your style.  If your partner is less of a prank person and prefers thoughtfulness, focus on those talks instead.

Some Of The Challenges

  • A treasure hunt with a gift at the end (for us, a bottle of baileys)
  • An old style love letter inside an origami heart
  • A bunch of wildflowers and coffee in bed
  • A surprise dessert
  • A songlist of both your favourite tunes, played in the morning
AmazingCo Couples Challenge

Things To Consider

Are you and your partner competitive types? Romantic or outdoorsy types? Artistic creative types? Consider tailoring some of the challenges to your style as a couple when signing up for the AmazingCo Couples Challenge.

Also consider how much time you have to put thought into the challenges, as well as are you going for prizes, or generally happy to partake in some sweet surprises?

Whether you’ve been married for years or only begun dating, you’re bound to learn new things about each other while continuing to create more incredible memories together.

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All in all, taking part in this challenge was fun, and surprising in more ways than we thought. If we took part in another AmazingCo Couples Challenge in the future I would ensure I had more time to think creatively and really get the most out of the experience.

* I am an affiliate for AmazingCo but I would not be writing this post if I did not have a positive experience on this quest!

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