As we wrap up 2021 and head to a new start in 2022, i’ve reflected on how the year has panned out. 2021 has been another big, challenging, and unpredictable year, but not without some positive change.

Here are 10 of the top positive things I’ve learned in 2021.

10. Travel Is Still Underrated

When we’re not allowed to do something, we usually want to do it. This has definitely been true of travel the last couple of years! Whether it be traveling to the next suburb, or overseas, most of us have realised how much we love to travel without restrictions.

9. Family Is Important

We’ve had lockdown birthdays, weddings, and funerals online. Whatever family means to you, we missed our families more than ever in 2021, even if they usually drive us a bit nuts!

8. People Struggle More That We Realise

This is not an obvious positive, but the more we are aware that people struggle, with everything from heartbreak to health and feeling disconnected, builds our empathy and understanding.

7. Technology Is A Savior

Thankfully technology continues to keep us connected. Imagine only being able to call people on a landline phone, or worse, waiting 2 months for a telegram or letter from family and friends?

6. Community Bonding

Groups and individuals continue to consciously support each other in small businesses and many other areas in small and large communities.

5. Protecting The Environment

Global warming and protecting the environment continue to be discussed and implemented in mainstream media and organizations.

From a growing variety of recycling options in cafes, increased plant based meal options, to mainstream news reports on unprecedented weather patterns.. while still debated by some, the movement to save the planet is increasing by the day.

4. Malaria Vaccine approved

World Health Organisation approved the first Malaria vaccine, a groundbreaking feat. Malaria kills close to 650, 000 each year, and half of these are children younger than five years old.

3.  Flexible Office Hours

Most people I talk to have valued the importance of a balanced office and home situation in the last couple of years and are hoping for a flexible approach to office hours in the future.

2.  Increased Support For Mental Health

People’s struggles in the many lockdowns and the effects of COVID have seen Mental Health discussions increase, not only in the media but in families and organizations which has to be a positive move overall.

1. Connection And Understanding

One of the biggest positives from the pandemic is the general connection and understanding of people’s struggles and challenges during the last two years.  We all have been affected in some way, which while tragic, has formed a mutual, global understanding that we are dealing with this together.


Wishing everyone a happy and positive 2022! xo

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