Byron Bay has changed a lot over the years, but remains one of the hidden gems in NSW.

On a recent 7 day holiday with my partner and his 4 kids (ages 9 to 17), I was surprised by the developments in Byron since I’d visited in 2018.

This was the first time in a while traveling with teenagers, and we had to broaden our horizons when deciding what to do each day!

Without further ado, here are 10 Brilliant Things To Do In Byron Bay For Families.

1) Minyon Falls

Minyon Falls are some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the area.  Located half an hour from Byron, the drive through the lush hinterland takes you to the large viewing platform.  From there you can hike down to the bottom of the falls (30 mins) to swim in the fresh water and take in the picturesque surroundings.

Byron Bay for families, Minyon Falls.
Minyon Falls

2) Surfing

You wouldn’t have heard of Byron Bay without hearing surf culture being mentioned.  Byron is the sort of place where most people surf, from all ages, toddlers to the aged. 

Surf spots like The Pass or the Main Beach are easy for all experience levels and are the best spots in Byron Bay for families to practice their surfing skills.  There are many places to hire a surfboard or body board. Try Soul Souf School for half or full day board hire or lessons.

3) Shopping

Most shops in the main streets of Byron are surf related, but there are a handful of boutique and chain stores that cater to the more general shopper.

There are also plenty of locally owned stores worth supporting, ranging from local food, handcrafted gifts, clothing, and even an entire shop dedicated to everything rainbow colored.

4) The Rails

The Railway Friendly Hotel (The Rails) is situated right where the old train station is on the train line that runs through Byron.  With live music, both outdoor and indoor seating, and a menu mainly of burgers and fries (and a kids menu), this venue is perfect for a lively and fun family dinner.

5) Dinner On The Foreshore

Another ideal tip in Byron Bay for families is a low key but easy one.

Many nights we decided to buy our takeaway dinner and take it down to the grass area on the foreshore and watch the sunset.  Byron nights are mostly warm and there is usually some type of entertainment happening where the main street meets the sea.  This also meant we could each choose whichever food we wanted (a lot easier when everyone wants something different!)

Byron Bay for families, Byron Bay Foreshore.
Byron Bay Foreshore

6)  Visit The Lighthouse

The trek up to the lighthouse is a steep one at the end, but well worth it for the stunning views of The Pass, Wategoes Beach, and Little Wategoes.  Once you reach the lighthouse at the top, you take in the stunning views of Tallows beach and all of Byron.

This most westerly point of Australia is also the ideal spot for dolphin and whale spotting.

*Note, we parked the Clarke’s Beach car park and began our hike from there.  Approximately 45 mins each way.

Byron Bay for families, Byron Lighthouse.
Byron Bay Lighthouse

7) Swim At Belongil Beach

Belongil Beach is a short stroll north along the coast from the Main Beach of Byron Bay.  A quieter stretch of beach, Belongil Beach allows dogs, and the waves are usually not too rough and are ideal for kids and families. This beach is perfect for a late afternoon swim or body surf.

Belongil Beach, Byron Bay.
Belongil Beach

8) Head Into The Hinterland

Driving through the hinterland behind Byron Bay, whether it be to another nearby town or to see the waterfalls, is a memorable one, for the lush and pretty surroundings.  The subtropical nature of the area means that there is a lot of greenery and rolling hills to take in. Taking a drive into the hills is the perfect activity on an overcast day if you’re keen to get out of Byron and see the surrounding local areas.

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9) Lunch In Mullumbimby

If you need an escape from the busyness of Byron Bay and are keen to see a calmer and less busy town, there are a lot of alternative communities that reside in Mullumbimby.  Lunch at one of the main two pubs is well worth it for the top food, service and relaxed atmosphere.

10) Markets

The markets are famous in Byron for their wide range of locally made and produced offerings. Rotating on a weekly schedule between Byron Bay, and nearby areas in the hinterland, such as Mullumbimby, The Channon, and Bangalow, these markets are both general markets and farmers markets and well worth the visit for locally made products and produce, and not to mention the atmosphere.


Whether you are travelling from Sydney to Byron Bay, flying in from interstate overseas, staying in Byron Bay luxury accommodation or a Byron Bay Discovery park, there is something for everyone in this stunning hidden gem in NSW.

Have you been to Byron Bay, and have any activities you’d add to this list?

Byron Bay Map

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Lighthouse Hike View, Byron Bay.
Lighthouse Hike View

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